23 July 2011

Trees, part 1

No gaming table should be without trees.  And there is a multitude of good-looking pre-made trees out there of many sizes.  But, being short of funds and always desiring a unique look to my projects, I am going to try and build my own.

This is the base material for the trunks/branches.  These are cotton pipecleaners, not the nylon ones from the craft store.  I bought these many moons ago, and they have been sitting patiently in a box for just this moment.

Contents of the package.  There are 32 of them in each package.

Construction of the trunk is simple - just twist three of the pipecleaners together, leaving enough at each end for roots or branches.

These are made with six pipecleaners, mostly to give more branches and to make the trunk bigger.  I wish I had included the scale for the pics - maybe next time.

I cut approximately 1 inch off each of these pipecleaners prior to twisting to make some slightly shorter trees.

The next step is to coat the trunks and branches with some modeling paste to stiffen the structure a bit and cover up the obvious nature of the construction.


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