02 July 2011

Terran APC for MAATAC

I am slowly progressing through what is left of my MAATAC collection, and here is another pic:

This is the Terran Lightning class personnel carrier.  The mini is a one-piece casting.  There are three light beam weapons (somewhat visible in this view) mounted on top.

To the best I can ascertain, my old Superior MAATAC minis are gone, along with my old copy of the rules.  All that is left is what I am slowly posting here.  These are all cast by Monday Knight.  I do have a good-sized Terran force, but only a small handful of Carnivoran and even less Entomolian minis, and no Aquarian or Avarian minis.  This is not a major problem though (although the loss of the old, painted minis is not good) as this is intended to be a slow-burning project.  The terrain especially will be different from anything I have tried previously - never have tried a snow environment!

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