16 October 2005

El Grego's Intro, the 1st

I'll start this off with a brief synopsis of my gaming history. I started off with Avalon Hill boardgames, oh lets just say a long time ago. Unfortunately, this was mostly solo gaming, since none of my friends were interested. D&D entered my life during high school, and provided a lot of fun times, but the game fell out of favor after I moved away from my hometown for the last part of my college career. Started off with miniatures while interested in D&D, since one of the groups I was playing RPG's with were also mini fans. They played micro-armor, and I was hooked. I bought and painted mostly 'modern' micro-armor, Soviets especially. Sadly, these are all gone now; I can't even remember what I did with them! Pretty much gave up gaming from the time after college ended until the time my marriage ended. I was still interested in gaming, but it was mostly evident only in the magazines I read - The Courier and Historical Gamer. These mags just solidified my interest in miniatures, even though I could not participate.

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