27 October 2005


Last week-end was a quite productive one. Briefly, on Saturday I finally defeated No.2 son at a Warhammer 40K battle. He used his Orks against my fledgling Tau force, and was narrowly defeated. I took some pics during the game and I shall attempt to post them here with a narrative of the action.

Then, on Sunday, I played some EQ2, the first time for almost three weeks. And some good timing it was too! Some other guildies (including one of Nomad Elf's characters) were on the trail of one of EQ2's special Halloween quests. This one involved some heavy combat (for our levels) with the mighty Pumpkin King. This is a 2-group raid mob, for our levels at least (I run a level 26 conjuror as my main). The four of us waited around for a long time until finally grouping with 8 others to try the King. With a full raid group, the Pumpkin King went down fairly easily, although Nomad Elf's druid went down as soon as the King spawned... I guess he doesn't like elves. The best part was the loot. I will find links to the items, but one was a +8 INT ring, and I received a +10 INT headpiece after a guildie won it by lotto after the fight. He was nice enough to just give it to me (his character is a Berserker). All in all, a great EQ2 night!

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