30 October 2005

The Tau - victorious!

OK, here is that promised series of photos from my famous victory over the Orks...

The set-up

Orks on the left, Tau on the right. (please forgive the 'unfinished' look of our pieces!) Kroot, in the trees, facing shoota boyz, gretchin, and 2 Zzap guns. Directly behind the Kroot is the Tau HQ and the Hammerhead.

In the Tau center, a gundrone squadron and Gue'vasa (human helpers)

On the far side, the Orks have a trukk (with boyz), HQ, 2 killa kans, a dreadnought, and a mob of slugga boyz. Directly opposite them in the corner are Tau fire warriors.

The scenario - Seek and Destroy (from the 4th ed. 40K rulebook)

The table - 4' by 4'

End of turn one - the horde moves forth, with only the Tau center moving forward in a desperate attempt to grab the ruins... the gundrones were wiped out by the trukk boyz. The Kroot are able to shoot most of the zzap gun crews down.

End of turn two - orks continue to move forward, Kroot, HQ, and Hammerhead shoot up the shoota boyz. The gue'vasa are defeated by the trukk boyz, who then try to visit the fire warriors.

End of turn three - trukk and boyz gunned down by the fire warriors and the timely intervention of deep-striking Stealth suits. Ork HQ closes in on the Hammerhead, but is shot up by tank, kroot, and Tau HQ. The Hammerhead loses its rail gun in the exchange to ork melta bombs.

End of turn four - the ork HQ is destroyed by the Kroot in hand-to-hand, leaving three hounds as the sole survivors. The killa kans are neutralized by the fire warriors and stealth suits, with one being destroyed, the other being immobilized and the big shoota destroyed. The dreadnought and sluggas continue to advance...

End of turn five - Sluggas and the dread move the fire warriors off the hill by fire, but the fire warriors stop at board edge (bonded!). Tau HQ sends off the remaining shoota boyz and moves to finally help the beleagured fire warriors.

End of game - the last remaining burna of the slugga mob being hunted down by Crisis suits, the rest of the mob having been gunned down by the fire warriors and stealth suits.

This was another fun game. It doesn't really matter to me that I win or lose; I just like to push the pieces around. I think that I need to be more aggressive with the Hammerhead though. It usually sits on the battlefield like a giant pillbox.


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