19 October 2005

El Grego's Intro, the 3rd

Most recently, I have been trying to get back on to the hobby's horse, so to speak. I had not done much with miniatures for a long time. Oh sure, I read magazines, and web sites, went to an occasional convention, and visited local stores, but I had not painted or hosted games for quite a while, even with the blooming interest of my kids into miniatures.

(I have three sons, all of them play miniatures games, but only No. 2 son is a painter. All of them like Warhammer 40K)

So, despite a shrinking budget and a contender for my hobby-time rising, I will get back into minis!

The contender for my hobby-time? Everquest! When I met the nomad Elf three years ago, I really did not know anything about it. She, however, was fully involved in the original EQ, and, as our relationship progressed, so did my involvement with EQ. I did really like EQ, and now we play EQ2. I'm still not as good in EQ2 as she is, probably never will be, but it is a fun and immersive environment

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