20 October 2005


I am working on a couple of projects at the moment. In an effort to actually complete one (hopefully more), I am following Nomad Elf's lovely advice and only working on three at a time. Normally I would just buy, buy, buy minis and then figure out what to do. However, that just is not working. The budget and time constraints make it difficult to do more than that.

The first project is a Tau army for Warhammer 40K. I have been following GW games since 1987, but I had never become seriously involved (for some this project is not a 'serious' 40K project!). The catalyst is of course the interest my sons have in 40K. I am only working on approximately 1500 pts of Tau, which is not a large force but is perfect for me.

Project 2 is a Reptus force for Warlord from Reaper. Warlord is a skirmish-scale fantasy game, and Reaper is producing an entire line of miniatures to support it. So far, I have only 10 minis for my Reptus force.

Number 3 is the ever-present naval project. At the moment, I am approaching my naval collection is a different way. Instead of buying bunches of minis (see a pattern here), I want to purchase only those minis needed for a specific battle. I see naval gaming now as more of a break from painting figures instead of my main collecting focus.

Once I get my digital camera straight I'll post some work-in-progress shots...

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