19 October 2005

El Grego's Intro, the 2nd

Well, we are up to about 10 years ago in this history lecture...

At that point, I had moved away from my hometown to the opposite end of the state. Not much for gaming at first, but eventually I met up with several groups. I met my good friend, lets call him "The Cap't", at this time. The Cap't is all about naval gaming. I had done some before the move, but we played a lot here. Wooden Ships & Iron Men started us off, and we also played many games of General Quarters. At one time we had a group of almost a dozen people playing a monthly naval game. Although we don't play as much together as we used to back then, The Cap't is still around!

I also met up with another group at about this time, NHMGS, or Northwest Historical Miniature Gaming Society. They have a web site here -
http://www.nhmgs.org . It was through this group that I broadened my gaming horizons. Many different genres are played by NHMGS: ancients, medievals, renaissance, Napoleonics, ACW, etc.

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