08 October 2007

Another Empire addition

My son Taeklonn has brought me another piece for my Empire army. His local GW store had yet another raffle, and he won another Empire box, which he very kindly gave to me.

At this rate, I might not need to buy any GW models for my Empire army! This has two options within the box: Helblaster organ gun or rocket battery. I intend to go with the organ gun.

Lot of parts, and lots of interesting bits: several head choices for the crew, a sword rack, a brazier of hot coals (for heated shot???), a shovel, and of course all of those rockets that will find another use beyond this set.

Although I'm sorely tempted to start working on the organ gun immediately, I do need to finish off some other units of the Empire army first.



  1. Aye, sir. Get those rank-and-file troops done first. Oh, I know that they're a bit tiresome to paint, but they are the core of the army after all. Once they're done, then you can tackle the fun stuff.

    -- Jeff (with a mostly painted Empire army)

  2. I like this model but I have to ask myself - "why did they put a skeleton underneath the carriage?". What's that all about then?

  3. I was wondering if anyone would notice the skeleton. As to why it is there I've no clue...