13 October 2007

Two years on

This blog is two years old today!

I am only slightly surprised that it has made it this far, since I do like to share info with fellow gamers. I am surprised, however, that it does seem to have a small but faithful readership. To those of you that visit on a regular basis, Thank You. Not too many locals show up here, but that is par for the course with the Internet.

What, you may ask, do I have planned for the future? More pics, of course. I have many packets of old photos from gaming days long past, and I hope to slowly scan those pics in and post them here. I will also continue to post work-in-progress shots from the latest projects.

Next year I am looking forward to finally getting my Renaissance project rolling. I am still stumbling over the rules, but I am certain that the right set will be found. Along with the idea of posting photos from old games, I am considering starting a separate blog for the historical stuff and preserving this one for fantasy/sci-fi themes, but that is still on the horizon at this time.

Other projects:

I was recently spurred on to pick up the pace with my Tekumel project. For the time being, I am going to concentrate on skirmish-scale actions, just to get the minis on the table. Eventually I will want to do mass battles.

My Empire force for Warhammer is rolling right along. Originally I had planned to use historical minis as proxies, but I think that it might be a good idea to keep this as a separate force from my Renaissance project. I know that Taeklonn would greatly enjoy seeing me play at one of the GW events some day, and the proxy army would make that difficult. So far, it is the least expensive army I have ever worked on, thanks to all of those raffle wins!

The Tau for 40K are still sitting, for the most part, in their boxes from the move early this year. More and more, I am finding them very uninteresting. I am considering the abandonment of that project.

Reptus for Warlord: I like these minis, but they are now far too expensive to buy many more. If I can find some on sale, fine, but I think that I have enough for now.



  1. Ah, perhaps I'm a curmudgeon, but I don't care who manufactured a figure. I find this Games Workshop attitude that ONLY their figures are legal rather obnoxious.

    I've played in or seen a number of GW events where a well-painted army is excluded because it isn't exclusively GW figures while they allow kids (and adults) with ill-primed, partially painted monstrosities to play because they are all GW figures.

    I admit that GW makes some very nice (although massively over-priced) figures, but their attitude of exclusivity really frosts me.

    But enough of my rant. Allow me to congratulate you on your achievement -- two years is nothing to sneeze at. As one of your loyal readers, I look forward to seeing more of your future projects.

    -- Jeff

  2. Hi Greg,

    Congratulations and Mazel Tov on your blog-iversary! May you have many more!

    *** Where did those Tekumel army books you posted later come from? ***

    I've never seen them before.

    Best wishes and positive vibes to you!


  3. Well done with your blog, Greg. I knwo that sometimes you can feel that the blog rules you, when it should be the other way around. I always enjoy stopping by, so long may your blog continue!

    Best wishes