28 October 2007

More Enfilade 2006 pics

Here are some more pics from the last convention I attended - Enfilade 2006...

Setting: France during the Hundred Year's War

Rules: Medieval Tactica Siege

Scale: 28mm

Scenario: The French are defending a strategic river crossing at Pont du Merde; the English must take it.

Pont du Merde, being defended by none other than Taeklonn!

The start - the English forces: 'Wes' on the English right (left of pic); the empty chair is my position in the center; and Feawin holds the English left flank. You will also note the French defenders in the keep. Also shown is the Reviresco vendor stand.


And that is where the photocommentary runs dry...

I was too busy having fun (and taunting my son with terrible Monty Python quotes) to take many pics. It was a great game, with the issue in doubt until the end. The fine English forces were able (albeit with heavy losses) to take possession of the crossing from the French. Our thanks to gamemaster Kevin Smythe!


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