08 October 2007

Empire handgunners, part 2

I was able to finish assembling the first unit of handgunners yesterday, and the unit looks nice:

I raided one of the boxes of state troops for extra heads so each handgunner has the same style of hat within the unit. This might cause some problems later when I assemble the swordsmen but it should not be a big issue. On the recommendations of the handgunner expert (Taeklonn), I did not equip the unit with a banner; there is a fifer however.

Other than the head swap with the swordsmen box, these have very little modifications. The leader (equipped with the long rifle) has a plume added to his hat; one gent has his ramrod in the ground in front of him; and two of the handgunners have some extra ammo on their belts.

I was even able to get the handgunners to rank up reasonably well:

Only 7 more units of troops to assemble now!



  1. I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised, but it appears that "The Evil Empire" (otherwise known as Games Workshop) have re-done the Empire plastics (and probably raised the price too).

    I suspect that the ones that I purchased two or three years ago (and which looked pretty historical) are now "no longer legal" in a GW-sanctioned event.

    Good thing that I never do plan on taking part in an "official Games Workshop sanctioned event".

    I'm glad that you're happy with your handgunners. What paint scheme are you planning on? (I chose red and yellow -- but I no longer remember which area that was supposed to be).

    -- Jeff

  2. Those look pretty nice, Greg! While the Empire has always been my favourite WFB army, I've been avoiding these latest figures as i've "gone off" GW for a bit. I'll have to reconsider...


  3. Hi Howard, thanks for stopping by!

    Jeff - I'm not certain about GW tournament policies, but I think older figures are OK for official events. The whole army will be painted in the colors of the mortar crew - blue and yellow(ish).