14 October 2007

MMORPG, part 2

Just a brief bit about World of Warcraft...

We moved to a different realm, Feathermoon. I made the same chr, Troll hunter; he is not as far along as he could have been if we stayed on Doomhammer, but that is not a problem to me.

He is now lvl 11, with his new pet boar, Rosebud. He is working on being an engineer also. Engineers in WoW get to tinker up some useful equipment, like grenades, goggles, and other 'interesting' items.

I also made another chr, a Tauren shaman:

This is my solo chr that I play when Feawin is grinding her main chr (a Blood Elf) up in levels. We play our troll chrs together; she has a mage at the same level as my hunter.



  1. What prompted the realm change? My wife and I have switched realms several times, mostly trying to play with friends or family.

  2. We moved because the wife prefers a RP server, and Feathermoon was actually one of the realms that we played on when we started WoW.