14 October 2007

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 1

I'm slowly painting up this legion for my Tekumel project:

The blue is Delta Ceramcoat Mediterranean, the skin colors are Reaper Master Tanned Shadow and Reaper Master Tanned Skin. At this moment I'm just slopping on the base colors, and thinking about how I'm going to complete the figures. I could go by the scheme used by the painter for Eureka, as seen here - link - OR I could try to imitate the 'canon' scheme from the Armies of Tekumel book for Tsolyanu troops, which is a bit different from the scheme on the Eureka site, and is a bit hard to translate from a simple line drawing and a brief description in the book. I will most likely pick a middle ground, without so much red as compared to the Eureka painter. I will use red along the edges of the scale armor and other trim pieces, and preserve more of the blue in my scheme.

Here is a close-up of one of the officers:

In all, I find these to be very interesting minis, and will look terrific once they are on the gaming table.

This is the book that I mentioned:

Six books were produced, one for each of the five Empires: Tsolyanu, Yan Kor, Mu'ugalavya, Salarvya, and Livyanu, and a book on the largest of the non-human groups, the reptilian Shen. Each book lists the major units of each empire, with game stats for the Missum rules and a brief description of each unit. Also included are line drawing of selected legions and a color guide.


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  1. Great stuff as usual. What do you think of the uniform books? And have you played any of the rules that were specifically produced for Tekumel?

    Mike Cannon